Kickback, relax and enjoy life....the Real Life, Cottage life!!

Return to a more simple time, return to the cottage you knew as a child.

Chipmunks, squirrels, frogs and fish...lots of fish. And that northern air...

take a deep breath...once you smell that...smell... you’ll know you’re back!!

Canoe or swim in the non-motorized lake with clean fresh water...

And Quiet, why you can actually hear yourself think!!  (Yes, you’ll sleep like you haven’t slept in years)

At night look up...,the stars....oh so many stars, why on a clear night you can almost see the moment of creation...who knew stars came in colours??.

And if it rains??  What if it does, who cares??... you’re at the cottage!!

Sit back close your eyes and listen as the rain dances on the roof, the leaves, the lake, read a book or a comic, do a puzzle, play a game, watch a movie, swim in the rain and watch the raindrops dance on the surface (thats really cool)...

just RELAX!

So come join us,  become reacquainted with your family...and yourself, 

laugh, play....LIVE!!

Tranquility Bay Cottage Rental Huntsville Muskoka